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Sudoku-USA began publishing Sudoku variations in 2008.

Trividoku came about from a combination of dissatisfaction with standard 9x9 Sudoku – after a while, it lost its challenge. The excellent Will Shortz book, “Will Shortz's Favorite Sudoku Variations: 100 Kakuro, Killer Sudoku, and More Brain-Twisting Puzzles” got me hooked on different kinds of Sudokus. As an avid trivia player on the Buzztime trivia network (look for "Riddle" playing in Colorado), it seemed reasonable to merge the two. There were a few other trivia style books Sudoku books out there but they were all “spelling” versions where there was a single trivia question with a nine letter answer to spell out.

In Trividoku we tried to go beyond a simple answer and expand it into more of a puzzle. Instead of just knowing a single answer, matching nine different pairs – our introductory example is that of nine presidents of the US and their terms in office – and using that to work back and forth with the puzzle.

Other puzzle books took different twists, and although it’s been a few years now, our next book will expand the Sudoku horizon further as we take you on a journey to Sudoku Atlantis.