Sudoku in Wonderland

Take a new and curious turn in your Sudoku journey in Sudoku in Wonderland, from Sudoku-USA. Sudoku in Wonderland contains over 100 new Sudoku variations, ranging in difficulty from easy to quite vexing.

Sudoku in Wonderland is available through or by special order through your local book store.

Sudoku in Wonderland
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Matt Mayfield


Sudoku Earthquake

In Sudoku Earthquake we take a normal 9 x 9 Sudoku puzzle and shake it up.

As you can see in the sample below there's a "fault line" - the seven reddish squares - stretching from one edge of the puzzle to another. The digits that appear along the fault line are listed below the puzzle.

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Stars & Stripes Sudoku

To solve a normal Sudoku puzzle, you fill in a 9 x 9 grid of digits, each square containing a digit, 1 - 9 with none of the digits repeated. 
In Stars & Stripes Sudoku we still have 1 - 9 and we’ve added three stars. Each row and column now contains twelve spaces instead of nine and the boxes are 3 x 4. Nine of the spaces in each row, box and column will have one of the nine digits; the other three spaces will contain stars.

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Sudoku Atlantis

Now available, Sudoku Atlantis, the newest in Sudoku puzzle variations from Sudoku-USA. In this book you’ll take an epic journey through over 100 Sudoku variations. The puzzles range from easy to hard as your narrator describes the last days of Atlantis. All puzzles are based on the 1-9 logic puzzles of a normal Sudoku, but each puzzle has some variation to it – islands floating in the sea, peaks and valleys where only certain digits can be placed, patches where the digits are taken from the puzzle for you to place back in. Find your way through the mystery of Atlantis as you solve the puzzles.

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