Winter 2016/2017 Sudoku variations sampler

Here's yet another set of puzzles for you to print out and solve.

Have fun and stay warm!

Winter 2016/2017 PDF

Summer 2016 Sudoku variations sampler

Let's hope it was worth the wait.


Summer 2016 PDF

Winter 2014/2015 Sudoku variations sampler

It's time for another quarterly, this one containing 15 new puzzles to challenge your Sudoku skills. So bundle up, sit by the fire and have fun!


Winter 2013/2014 Sudoku sampler

It was 10°F this morning in Colorado so it's probably time to put out our Winter 2013/2014 quarterly. In this puzzle you'll find some Trividoku, Stars & Stripes puzzles and also a few Atlantis style puzzles. Additionally you'll see a few more puzzle styles we're trying for our next book, Sudoku in Wonderland.

The Quarterly is here and is about a 600k PDF file. Enjoy!

To see our other quarterly samplers, visit Free printable Sudoku variations

Summer 2014 Sudoku variations sampler

Welcome to another Sudoku-USA Sudoku variation sampler. We're getting close to our newest book of Sudoku Variations and this sampler contains a few of the puzzle styles you'll find there - when you come to visit Sudoku Wonderland.

You can download the sampler here.



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