Summer 2013 Sudoku variations sampler

A little late perhaps, but here is our Summer 2013 Sudoku-USA quarterlyPDF file 1.2 mb.

We've included a number of new Sudoku variations for your puzzling pleasure.


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Spring 2015 Sudoku variations sampler

It's Spring so it's time for another bunch of puzzles for you to try out. Have fun! 

2013 Sudoku variations sampler

We're happy to present the Spring 2013 Sudoku-USA quarterly. This is a set of never before published TrividokuStars & StripesSudoku Islands and Sudoku Earthquake puzzles as well as a few puzzles in the styles we'll be using in forthcoming books.


Spring 2014 Sudoku variations sampler

Welcome to another Sudoku-USA Sudoku variation sampler. This one contains a number of new puzzles we're trying out for our next book as well as Trividokus, Stars & Stripes and other of our favorite variations.

You can download the sampler here.


Free printable Sudoku variations

Starting in Spring 2013 we've put together sample large-print Sudoku puzzles for you to print out for you to solve.

Here are the samplers to date. Be sure to check back every few months for the next quarter's puzzles!